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Church Of God [Full Gospel] In Sharjah
Our Former Pastors



1. Pastor C.T George Kutty (1980 – 1991)
Church of God opened its doors in Sharjah under the able leadership of Pastor C.T George Kutty, the first pastor, in the year 1980. Pastor George Kutty was a man “mighty in the scriptures.” He led the church and nurtured it in its infant stages. Now he is in United States with his family.
2. Pastor Jose George (1991 – April 1993)
Pastor Jose George served as the second pastor for two years from 1991 – April 1993 and grounded the church in the faith. Now he is serving as the Associate Pastor in Church of God Sharjah.
3. Pastor Johnson GeeVarghese (April 1993 – July 2006)
Pastor Johnson GeeVarghese served as Pastor of our church for thirteen years during which the Lord blessed and built our church spiritually and numerically. Pastor Johnson was a man of vision, with his 13 years of experience in serving the Lord, led the church into new avenues of ministry and usefulness to the Lord. From 1991 to April 1993 he served as the Associate Pastor in this church. In July 2006 God called His servant Pastor GeeVarghese Johnson to His glory.
4. Pastor Y. Reji (April 2006 – March 2007)
Pastor Y. Reji served the Church for a period of one year from April 2006 to March 2007. He was on deputation from Church of God Kerala State (Mulakuzha) when Pastor Johnson Geevarughese was sick. Pastor Y.Reji was a man of prayer and deep commitment to win the lost to Christ. Now he is serving as the Council Member of Church of God Kerala State, District Pastor of Alwaye district of Church of God and also the President of the YPE Board, Church of God [full gospel] In India, Kerala State (Mulakuzha).
5. Pastor Joy Abraham (May 2007 – January 2011)
Pastor Joy Abraham served the Church for a period of 4 years from May 2007 to December 2010.
6. Pastor George C. (February 2011 – April 2011)
Pastor George C. served the Church for a period of 3 months from February 2011 to April 2011.